AnTonio welcomes you!


Antonio Rullez has worked with many famous producers to realise his collection of tracks, spanning a range of genres with a twist of Latin.  Whether you are in the UK, US, Middle East or Asia, the message is universal in love, living and faith.  It's time to discover what he is about, soak in the lyrics, drift off to Spain and beach parties with "Better Days" and be inspired with tracks like “You’re The Reason” and “Come and Fly This Mountain”.

Antonio has a refreshingly honest approach to his fans. Personally responding in Myspace brings the artist directly to his fans and he can think of nothing better in life than sharing his dreams, goals and most of all listening to them sharing theirs. We urge you to sign up for regular email updates, special promotion deals and discounts on merchandise and future performances in your area of the world.  Most of all please write directly to him through Myspace.




"I’ve always wanted to write and perform music that is entertaining and fun but also that touches the heart and uplifts people. I love connecting with my audience and hope that I can inspire people to be all that they can be and see the uniqueness and beauty that God has given each one of us."  - Antonio Rullez





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